Transformational Travel: Journey to Lithuania

Transformational Travel- Marla Mervis’ Journey to Lithuania- How to find a Mervis 

I took a trip to Lithuania to search for relatives in the Israel Mervis Family Tree. Although I didn’t meet any Mervis’, I was able to check out the village of Baisogala where the Mervis’ lived. One thing I learned was to search for multiple spellings of your name, The various spellings are: Merves, Mervis, Mirvis, Mirvisch, Mirvish, Mirviss, Mirvitz, Mirwis, Mirwish,Mirwitch, and others. I met beautiful Lithunanians during my trip. All very eager to help, although I only found 1 woman that spoke English. This was a very special and heartfelt journey inspired by my Pappy Iz, who I love very much!

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